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An amazing healing art that has ample amounts of science to prove both its efficacy and how it works!

Take a look at some of the science on how acupuncture works:

“For the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions, the proposed mechanisms included microinjury, increased local blood flow, facilitated healing, and analgesia. Acupuncture may trigger a somatic autonomic reflex, thereby affecting the gastric and cardiovascular functions. Acupuncture may also change the levels of neurotransmitters such as serotonin and dopamine, thereby affecting the emotional state and craving. By affecting other pain-modulating neurotransmitters such as met-enkephalin and substance P along the nociceptive pathway, acupuncture may relieve headache. Acupuncture may affect the hypothalamus pituitary axis and reduce the release of the luteinizing hormone leading to more balance in the body. In addition, two other approaches to the acupuncture mechanism, the fascia connective tissue network and the primo vascular system (Cheng, Neurobiological Mechanisms of Acupuncture for Some Common Illnesses: A Clinician’s Perspective, 2019).

General Acupuncture (for the body and mind):
To summarize the research above, acupuncture promotes balance or homeostasis. Your body deserves to function and feel its best!

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